Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the core of all the work I do. My goal is to create good designs that not only meet the client's requirements but also get the desired response from the audience. I am always looking for inspiration and try to up my game in beating the trends and going for the classics.

Magazine Layouts

DARPAN magazine is a premier lifestyle magazine which is popular among the South Asian community in Western Canada.
I am extremely proud of my work featured in 100s of magazines and advertising which I designed front to back. 

Courtesy of Darpan Magazine

Teacher's Guide

'Emergence: Out of the Shadows' Discussion Guide

The 'Emergence: Out of the Shadows' discussion guide has been created to facilitate discussions about LGBTQ+ issues among students in high schools, colleges and universities. I had the honor of designing this free downloadable resource to be used all over schools in BC and beyond.

Logos & Branding

Poster Design