The inception of an idea and brainstorming the possibilities, is the most rewarding and satisfying of the whole creative process. Through this elaborate exploration with ideas, I create numerous sketches that help me materialize raw ideas into viable concepts before it moves on to the full production phase.

Digital Illustrations

Life Drawing

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Art Direction

Fun City Resort

My role in this project was that of an art director/visualizer, storyboard artist, animator, lighting, and 3D camera technician. Fun City’ was an architectural concept for a resort being planned to be built in Dubai. I designed the park from scratch as per the client’s brief. Sketched all the concepts and painted them digitally for approval by the client before it moved on to the production phase

Cochin port

3D animated architectural walkthrough for Dubai port World showing the construction of a state-of-the-art container Trans-shipment terminal at Cochin, Kerala. My role was that of an art director/visualizer, scriptwriter,  storyboard artist, animator, lighting and 3D camera technician.